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Justin Suede

Justin began his career in 2015, quickly becoming a regular in the local music scene of Virginia Beach. His talent catapulted him from the college bars to opening up for touring artists and being featured on local radio stations.

In the summer of 2017, Justin's voice landed him a "Golden Ticket" on American Idol. After interviewing with the show's producers, they believed that he didn't have the captivating story they were searching for that season. As a result, he was denied the opportunity to be on the show. Ironically that's where Justin's story would really begin. He packed up a suitcase, grabbed a couple guitars, and moved to Nashville, TN.

When he got to Music City, he had a thousand dollars to his name and nowhere to stay. Living in and out of hotels, he'd clock into a warehouse job at 4:30am and then play shows at night to get his foot in the door. After a few grueling and sleep deprived months, Justin was finally starting to break through.


Justin performed throughout Nashville from 2017-2021 as a singer/songwriter. He was discovered in 2019 and signed a recording contract in 2021 to release his own hand crafted music. In June of 2022, his debut single "Borrowed Time" was released on all major music platforms. A live studio concert of his original music will air in 2023.


Justin has played at a number of high profile venues and events across the United States, sharing the spotlight with artists like Garth Brooks, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion, Granger Smith, and more.

Justin currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia. 

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